About us

Entered the market in 2006, Eleganz Furniture not only bring to Vietnamese customers furniture products imported from Germany, but also the experience of high class pre-sales, sales, and post-sales services according to European standard.

Eleganz Furniture’s target is: 

  • To provide the healthiest and the most comfortable living environment for the customers
  • To bring to customers innovative and stylish designs to ensure that each furnishing product is unique and distinctive
  • To ensure that only health and environmentally friendly materials are used
  • To provide to customers services with highest European standards.


You are sure to have come across consumers who have a genuine fear of furniture that can make you ill. And this fear should not really surprise us. In numerous newspaper reports and television programs consumers have heard about PCP in wood preservation fluids and leather, about formaldehyde in chipboard, about solvents in lacquers and a whole lot more that can cause long-term damage in high concentrations.

All Eleganz Furniture products meet the highest EU health standards. The RAL Seal of Quality on all our products provides the consumer with reliable security that the furniture is free of dangerous substances.


Sustainability is an integral part of Eleganz’s philosophy. For us, sustainability means providing furniture that will continue to give you pleasure for many years to come, it also means using materials that are not harmful, either to your health or to the environment.

All materials employed by our suppliers are tested continually according to ecological principles. Continual checks guarantee the safety of all products for your health is carried out by independent institutes. All products are developed, produced, and even packed in accordance with ecological considerations.